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UN chief Antonio Guterres cried out louder in the Himalayas

November 1, 2023

“The rooftops of the world are caving in,” the UN chief said, warning that the “disappearance of glaciers altogether” looms even larger. The phenomenon is a catastrophic indication for the existence of entire human civilization if related to all the changes which is currently going on from Antarctica to the Oceans and the Himalayas. Guterres added that he is crying out loud for the Himalayas and urgency to mitigate the impacts of climate change worldwide. His visit to Nepal could be seen planned to the Khumbu region, the roof of the world, and Annapurna Base Camp just to put more pressure on issues and impacts of climate change in the Himalayas and the community around it. The UN Secretary General’s visit to this beautiful Himalayan country Nepal is also observed as an action to align with the UN’s promises to protect the natural environment before kicking off the 2023 UN climate conference in the United Arab Emirates, which will be held on November 30. 

Antonio Guterres in Annapurna Base Camp

In an open discussion that lasted for about 20 minutes with the local people of Annapurna Base Camp region, UN chief António promised to help restore the vitality of Himalayan ecology and resilience to the impacts of climate change on the mountain community of the Himalayas. He added that he can now practically feel what threats the Himalayas are facing so the people living around the region. The swollen glacial lakes and unusual weather events resulting from climate change impacts have made mountains more vulnerable to extinction, he suggested and urged the global community for help. 

The United Nation highlighted Guterres visit to Nepal through their online news outlet available with the link:

Antonio-Guterres-in -Lumbini
Antonio Guterres Speech in Lumbini

In his speech to the local media, he highlighted that Nepal has lost almost a third of its ice volume in the last 30 years time, with glaciers melting 65 percent faster in the last decade than in the previous one. UN chief Guterres also pressed into the urgency of immediate and practical commitment to nature conservation. His stand and the statements hinted towards the real-time and more effective global responsibility for nature conservation in the 2023 UN climate conference, says the local climate experts. The experts also claimed that the United Nations has some barriers, like internal corruption, to make their commitments actionable to yield actual results that can positively impact nature conservation issues. Let’s hope and believe that the promises made by the UN Secretary-General in Nepal will result in effective action against climate change and its global impact. Himalayan Adventure Therapy is already on its move to protect the natural existence of Himalayas, and we appeal to every individual to contribute to protecting our only home Earth and Mother Nature. Full Speech available in YouTube with the link :

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