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Trip Highlights and Values

Treat yourselves with spectacular mountain views of the Annapurna range throughout the trek. The sight of these towering mountains against the clear blue skies is truly awe-inspiring.
Trekking with everyday therapeutic exercises on strengthening the muscles involved during the walk, practical lesson on eco-friendly lifestyle, breathing exercises to naturally adopt our body with increasing elevation and guided mediation to connect deeply with nature of Himalayas.
Classic easy-to-walk trail to Annapurna Base Camp which is accessible to both experienced trekkers and novices alike. This allows travelers who can't afford additional acclimatization days to still embark on this adventure.
Lush Forests and Crystal Clear Streams: The trek takes you through lush forests teeming with vibrant flora and fauna. As you walk alongside the crystal clear Himalayan streams, you'll be surrounded by the serene beauty of nature.
Indigenous Settlements and Unique Cultures: Along the route, you'll encounter indigenous settlements, particularly the charming Gurung villages. These settlements offer a glimpse into the unique cultures and traditions of the local people, providing an enriching cultural experience.
Rhododendron Blooms: If you plan your trek during springtime, you'll witness the vibrant rhododendron blooms that cover the trail, creating a stunning and surreal atmosphere. This natural phenomenon adds an extra layer of beauty to the already picturesque surroundings.
Diverse Flora and Fauna: The trek presents opportunities to encounter diverse flora and fauna native to the region. Keep an eye out for various species of plants, birds, and animals as you make your way towards Annapurna Base Camp.
Himalayan Hospitality: The locals you encounter along the trek are known for their warm and friendly nature, showcasing true Himalayan hospitality. Interacting with them adds a personal touch to your experience and creates lasting memories.
Impeccable Attention from Professional Staff: The trekking tour ensures impeccable staff attention to detail at every point, providing a high level of service and support throughout your journey. The experienced and well trained ground team will ensure your safety and comfort, making your trek hassle-free.
Nature Conservation: By choosing this trek, you directly contribute to nature conservation projects led by the organizers. Your participation helps protect Nepal's forest line just below the Himalayan range, doing it for future generations and against impact of climate change in Himalayas.
Personal Impact: By joining this adventure, you're also supporting the field staffs who are first responders during the trip with their children’s tuition fees and health insurance, making a positive impact on their lives and the community.
Embark on this unforgettable adventure through the Annapurna region, and return with incredible memories, stunning photographs, physically and naturally healthy life lesson and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the Himalayas.
What Is
Fully customizable full service ABC trek for 1o days from arrival to departure
Trekking which does not require strenuous high altitude walk for long hours. Gradual elevation gain with well maintained walking trails and greenary.
Trip Grade
Easy Trek
  • 17 to 24°C in lower elevations and 8 to 17°C in higher elevation during the month of March to May
  • 13 to 23°C in lower elevations and 3 to 12°C in higher elevation during the month of October to December
  • Forest covered damp trail in lower elevation , stable rocky trail in higher elevation
  • Tours and fun in cities, everyday 6-7 hours trek in mountain
  • Therapeutic muscle relaxation and strengthening exercise everyday
  • Guided meditation and practical lesson on natural life
Private group trips and solo trips with any requirements are available. Real Gurkha guarded privacy sensitive/incognito trips will be delivered with the highest precision.
Group Size
  • Min. 2/Max. 16 for pre-fixed departure dates in group joining basis
  • Group of 16 pax & below will get 1 trek leader, 1 assistant trek leader for 4 pax and 1 porter for 2 pax, solo travelers will get 1 trek leader and 1 porter
  • Customized service option available for personal requirements.
Best Time
Can be operated all round the year with weather related pre-preparedness. Favorable time is considered in Spring: End of February to Mid of June, in Autumn: Beginning of September to end of December

For Group Size of 2 Travelers

From USD
$ 1133 /Person
Why With Us ?
  • Book now pay later and group discounts service.
  • 100% trip success rate and satisfied customers. Trips led by well trained, updated and experienced experts.
  • Free trip cancellation and rescheduling up to 59 days before the trip departure date.
  • Obtain valuable life lessons on personal health through guided yoga therapy in the trip.
  • Make crucial contribution for nature conservation campaigns and welfare of ground handlers under the company.

Recent Trip Reviews

Just to be on the mountain treks are normal but the trip me and my family did with Himalayan Adventure Therapy was far more than I have ever imagined of. It in fact was healing us from inside out with their Yoga Therapy practices guided by trained professional...
The most pleasant trip I ever had.Kyla PhibbsLlandysul, United Kingdom
We went for a half day tour of Pashupatinath, Crematoria and the Evening Aarati with Mr. Nirajan. Though Dr. Barun was expected to lead the trip because of his busy schedule we were given Mr. Nirajan who was under the supervision of Dr. Barun...
Amazingly Detailed Tour of PashupatinathChelsea MurielNewton Stewart, UK
We did a classic style trek to Everest Base Camp and the experience was above our expectations. Entire team of the company went down to earth just to make sure every fraction of the planned trip was commencing the way it should be...
Best Trekking Experience !William BrownLondon NW1 7PG, UK

ABC Trek Overview

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a must-do adventure for trekkers around the world, making it one of world's most renowned trails. The natural beauty and easy-to-walk trail to ABC make this trek a favorite among travelers who can’t afford additional acclimatization days en-route. Factors such as lush forests, crystal clear Himalayan streams flowing through them, and indigenous settlements with their unique cultures against a backdrop of spectacular mountain views are considered major attractions on this route. During springtime when rhododendron blooms in vibrant colors can be seen everywhere along the trail; creating an out-of-this-world experience.

The journey to Mt. Annapurna's base camp at 4130m/13549ft (the tenth-highest peak globally) via Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), overlooking charming Gurung settlements and terraced fields while encountering diverse flora & fauna makes for an unforgettable expedition that welcomes hikers from all over the globe - even novice or less experienced ones! Our itinerary follows the Kathmandu-Pokhara-Ghandruk-Chhomrong-Bamboo-Deurali-Annapurna Base Camp-Bamboo-Jhinu Dada-Pokhara-Kathmandu trail ensuring maximum safety without compromising on satisfaction levels. Driving to Ghandruk marks our entry point while driving out near Jhinu Dada will mark our exit point after enjoying gentle uphill hikes towards ABC followed by relaxing hot-spring baths during your return trip before re-entering hectic city life again.

Expect friendly locals who showcase true Himalayan hospitality coupled with impeccable staff attention to detail at every point throughout your trekking tour! Our ground team has more than two decades' worth of experience leading outdoor enthusiasts ranging from solo female travelers seeking escapism right up until group parties looking forward to some quality bonding time amidst nature conservation projects led by us – directly contributing towards protecting Nepal’s beautiful landscapes forevermore! We also take pride in helping our staff's children with their tuition fees and health insurance. So, join us for an unforgettable adventure travel experience through the Himalayas that you'll be proud to share both now and forever!

  • Daily Yoga lesson from trained staff during the trip.
  • Interactive teaching learning approaches on climate and nature with locals and experts in the team.
  • Litter free Himalayan journey, we ensure every waste return back to waste management facility.

Everyday Details

From Arrival in Kathmandu | To Departure from Kathmandu

Arrival in Kathmandu(1,290 to 1,400m) and transfer to hotel followed by group meeting

First day of the trip, introduction and preparation
Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you will be greeted by our official representative with the utmost warmth and hospitality. As per Nepalese tradition, we consider our guests to be like gods and treat them accordingly. Our staff will welcome you with a garland of marigolds around your neck, offer you a bottle of water, and introduce themselves before escorting you to your designated hotel. You can easily spot our official representative holding up a placard with your name on it. Once settled into the comfort of your hotel after navigating through chaotic streets filled with local life in Kathmandu, we'll work diligently to ensure that every aspect of your trip is tailored specifically for you based on personal preferences - all while prioritizing convenience so that there's no need for worry or stress during this exciting journey ahead! Your satisfaction is now entirely under our responsibility; rest assured knowing that everything has been taken care of just for YOU!

Meals Served | Options: Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-Veg


Distance: Approx. 7 Km Drive

Day 2: Fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara(820 to 870m) and Drive to Ghandruk(1,980 to 2,090m) from Pokhara

The scenic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and countryside rough road drive to Ghandruk

The flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara covers a distance of approximately 146 Km and takes only 30 minutes. We'll make the journey as early as possible, leaving plenty of time for recreation and refreshment in Pokhara before embarking on our driving journey towards Ghandruk.

The road from Pokhara to Ghandruk is about 56 Km in total length, with roughly 42.5 km being paved highway while the remaining stretch is unpaved and bumpy. As we head northwest out of Pokhara towards Napapul (the former starting point for treks prior to construction of road to Ghandruk), travelers can expect an adventurous ride with stunning views of greenery, streams, cliffs along curvy roads that wind through scenic countryside landscapes.

We will stop at various points midway for small tea breaks en-route to Ghandruk - a reputed Gurung village located within Annapurna region known for its picturesque scenery that warmly welcomes visitors despite cold weather conditions.

Once we arrive at this charming settlement nestled amidst beautiful surroundings filled with natural wonders like snow-capped peaks or rushing rivers below towering cliffsides overlooking everything around us it's easy understand why so many people come here seeking peace amid pristine wilderness areas where one can rest up before heading onwards toward Chhomrong on their next day's trekking adventure!

Altitude Gain: 690 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-Veg


Distance: Approx. 30 minutes flight | 56 Km drive

Day 3: Trek to Chhomrong(2,170 to 2,230m)

Scenic forest covered walking trail from Ghandruk to Chhomrong village

Ghandruk village offers not only a glimpse into cultural civilization but also breathtaking views of Mt. Annapurna South (7,219 meters) and Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441 meters), just 16-17 kilometers to the north of the village. To the northeast lies an impressive array of mountains including Mt. Gangapurna (7,455 meters), Mt. Annapurna II(7,555 meters), Mt.Machapuchare or Fishtail(6,993meters)and Mardi Himal(5,553 meter). These snow-capped peaks stretch continuously from left to right.

After crossing one hill past Ghandruk Village on our way to Chhomrong Village we reach Komrong Danda which provides us with even closer views all those aforementioned mountain ranges! From this hilltop(Danda)our trail inclines steeply downward until we cross Kimrong Khola(small stream). Then it's uphill again until we reach Chhomrong Village whereupon nearing its entrance once again all those above-listed mountains comes into view in stunning detail.

Our trek today takes us through centuries-old forests that are home to tiny yet beautiful settlements inhabited by indigenous people who have lived here for generations. The sights and sounds along our journey will be unforgettable as is lunching in one such settlement en-route before continuing onto another delightful hamlet called Bamboo. Vacationers should rest easy knowing that after arriving at peaceful Chhomrong & indulging in healthy food they'll be rested up for tomorrow's adventure!

Altitude Gain: 140 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free


Distance: Approx. 9Km walk

Day 4: Trek to Bamboo(2,310 to 2,330m)

Damp walking trail through dense forest

When making the trek from Chhomrong village to Bamboo, expect it to take approximately 4-5 hours. The trail begins with a downhill walk on a stone-paved staircase until reaching a small stream flowing between Chhomrong village and Sinuwa. Cross over the short-span suspension bridge before gradually ascending through Sinuwa and Upper Sinuwa.

After passing Upper Sinuwa, the trail becomes quite straight; however, just around 1.5 km ahead of Bamboo we will again walk downhill. Throughout this portion of your journey you can expect dense old-growth forest that may make for damp conditions along less-bright trails. Being inside the forest most of the time, the view of mountains is rare to see from this section of the trek.

Despite these challenges nature will likely engulf any negative emotions or tiredness felt during your trekking experience! Once arriving in Bamboo rest up so that you're fully prepared for another day's worth of travels towards Deurali.

Altitude Gain: 100 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free


Distance: Approx. 8Km walk

Day 5: Trek to Deurali(3,170 to 3,235m)

Riverside trail damp and rugged

As you embark on your journey to Annapurna Base Camp, today's trek will be a shorter one lasting only 3-4 hours before reaching Deurali. This is intentional as it provides our bodies with ample time to acclimate since we will be crossing an altitude of over 3000 meters from Deurali and beyond.

The trail passes through the side of a small river basin accompanied by lush green forests until we reach Deurali. The scenery changes after this point as mountainous terrain begins. As the trail progresses past Bamboo, vaporizing waterfalls can be seen cascading down on the left-hand side.

Today's trek concludes in just 6.5 kilometers of walking distance which allows us plenty of time for rest and preparation for tomorrow’s big day where we aim to reach up to ABC - Annapurna Base Camp!

Altitude Gain: 905 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free


Distance: Approx. 6.5Km walk

Day 6: Trek to ABC (4,100 to 4,130m)

Rocky rugged trail with chilled thin air

From Deurali onwards, the rugged trail begins until we reach Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). Due to climate change impacts, vegetation can be seen until and a little above Machapuchere Base Camp (MBC). The dry and chilling wind of the mountain will kiss us before entering the base camp region.

After walking approximately 4.5 kilometers from Deurali, we will reach MBC where we'll get a glimpse of Mt. Annapurna South (7,071 meters), Mt. Annapurna Fang(7,647 meters) and Mt.Annapurna I(8,091meters), which is also the world's tenth highest mountain to our northwest direction.

Continuing our walk towards ABC with these views of mountains and iconic terrain is an unforgettable experience that makes this day one of utmost importance during the entire Annapurna Base Camp Trek. We'll admire both view & satisfaction for being able to step in one of world-renowned mountain bases.

Altitude Gain: 895 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free


Distance: Approx. 7Km walk

Day 7: Explore ABC and Trek back to Bamboo(2,310 to 2,330m)

The magical view from Annapurna Base Camp and the downhill trek

The Annapurna Base Camp is a breathtaking location situated on the cliffside of South Annapurna Glacier, where the Modi Khola begins. From this vantage point, you'll be able to witness panoramic views of the giant Himalayan ranges up close.

Looking towards the west side of base camp, you can see Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441 meters) just 3.3 km away and Mt. Annapurna South (7,071 meters) at only 5.2 km distance followed by Mt. Annapurna Fange (7,647 meters), Mt.Annapurna I(8,091 meters), Mt.Annapura massif(8,064 meters ) and Mt. Khangsar Kang(7,193 meters)to north located just about 8-9km from ABC itself.

On the east side lies another beautiful sight with stunning peaks such as Mount Machhapuchhre or "Fishtail" stretching across from left to right along with other mountains like Mount Gandharba Chuli and Mount Annauprna II that stand tall in all their glory!

During golden hours when light cascades over these magnificent mountains casting majestic shadows upon them; it's an unforgettable experience! It will leave you breathless every time without fail!

After witnessing this awe-inspiring view we begin our downhill journey toward today's destination - Bamboo which is today's rest point.

Altitude Drop: 1,800 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free


Distance: Approx. 14Km walk

Day 8: Trek to Jhinu Dada(1,667 to 1,740m)

Soak into natural hot-spring of Jhunu Danda to rejoice

After enjoying breakfast at the tea house in Bamboo, we will embark on today's downhill trail towards Jhinu Danda. This idyllic village sits just below Chhomrong where we spent our second nights of trekking. A highlight of this area is the renowned natural hot water pool known as Jhinu Danda Hot Spring.

The spring lies alongside Modi Khola and offers a truly magical experience surrounded by dense forest and sound of flowing stream. Immerse yourself in the warm waters to soothe your tired legs and body after a long day's walk – an unforgettable way to unwind amidst beautiful scenery.

After indulging in this unique opportunity, return to your hotel feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for tomorrow’s adventure en route to Pokhara.

Altitude Drop: 590 meters


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-veg


Distance: Approx. 10Km walk

Day 9: Trek to New bridge and drive to Pokhara and fly back to Kathmandu

Back to city just after few hundred meters walk.

After crossing the Jhinu Suspension bridge, which marks the last leg of our trek, we will make our way to Jhinu Jeep station. From there, we'll take a drive back to Pokhara before catching a flight back to Kathmandu on the same day. As part of our farewell celebration and in recognition of everyone's hard work and dedication throughout this adventure with Himalayan Adventure Therapy, an official dinner will be organized where feedback or appreciation can be shared with responsible officials.


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-veg


Distance: Approx. 1.5Km walk, 60Km drive and 30 minutes flight

Day 10: Final Departure

We will leave the trip destination

After your exciting Annapurna Base Camp Trek, it is time for you to head back home. Our team will be escorting you to the departure gate of the international airport where you can catch your flight. We hope that this trip was a memorable one and we will wish your safe travel.


Meals Served | Options: Breakfast | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-veg

Included Services

Included in the Cost

  • Airport and all road transfers in a comfortable private vehicle
  • Deluxe 3-star hotel accommodation with breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Standard & comfortable, clean & hygienic teahouse accommodation in the mountains
  • All accommodations on twin-sharing basis
  • Breakfasts in Kathmandu, full board meals during the trip (breakfast/lunch/dinner + fruits, dessert, tea/coffee)
  • Farewell dinner
  • Guided excursions with responsible, local, fully trained, certified and professional trek leader
  • Porters for carrying luggage.  (2 trekkers: 1 porter)
  • Staff salary, insurance, equipment, flight, fooding and lodging
  • Domestic flights Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu
  • Down jacket, four seasonal sleeping bag, duffel bag, T-Shirt, special HAT and trekking map (down jacket  and sleeping bag are to be returned after the trip)
  • A comprehensive medical kit with the tools to save lives in high altitude
  • All necessary paperwork, permits and environment management fees
  • All taxes payable to central and state governments

Not Included in the Cost

  • Nepal Visa fee
  • Meals other than the one mentioned in include section
  • Any optional activities or service upgrades than the one mentioned in include section
  • International flights
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Tips for staffs(Ground Handlers)
  • Altitude chamber (PAC) or oxygen
  • Personal climbing equipment (ice axe, crampons, harness, ascender, etc)
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottled or boiled water, shower etc.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu, in case of early arrival than the scheduled date from the trek
  • Services not mentioned in the ‘Price Includes’ section

Group Departure Dates

Dates Start-EndAvailability Remaining SpacesPrice Per Person

Practical Information

Important information to make this trip practically successful

The concern of safety remains at the top of conversation during Himalayan trips. The assurance of being safe comes with all the team efforts combined with favorable weather condition. Our team is trained to rescue and aid in any medical condition that might arise in high altitudes. Our premium access to the weather forecast station always let's us window period before we get surprised by the weather impacts during the trip. Constant communication of trip operators in Kathmandu and the ground handlers in mountain will let every possible action in emergency happen right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a guide?

Yes, it is now compulsory regulation from Nepalese government to hire a guide for any of its Himalayan trekking.

What mode of transport do we use for this trip?

For Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu transfer we will use flight from tested safe and reliable flight operators. Rest of the transfers are in comfortable private vehicle.
If you need any further assistance our experts can be reached virtually in person. We and our team are dedicated to travelers safety and satisfaction during the trip with us. We are here.