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Common Booking Queries

I need private security service during the trip, how will it work?

We offer special incognito and private security services for those who are sensitive to getting exposed. We have our group of Ex-Gurkhas in the line 1 perimeter and then the warriors of local gangsters in perimeter line 2. The line 1 will be entirely focused on the security of subject whereas the line 2 will be taking care of any external threats around the vulnerable subject. Line 2 can detect and decode any threat signals to the line 1 and safety is assured right away. The security crew can be lined up with both visible and invisible pattern to the public.

Can I make trip modification after booking?

Yes, we welcome any kind of trip modification after the booking free of charges. There might be additional charges if the modified services requires extra payment or there is addition of services. We do not restrict our customers in making any number of modification for the trip they are about to book and we answer all the queries and concern within 12 hours after you have sent us the concerns.

Who will be receiving and taking care of us on arrival?

Our official representative will pick you up from the airport and escort you towards the designated hotel. Then the scheduled activities are performed as promised without a glitch or miss. We have our dedicated team ready to follow you like your drop shadow and make you feel more comfortable working with us. We provide you the best advices to suite your requirements and preferences during the trip planning , operation and completion. Our guests will be treated like a god rather than just for profits.
If you need live assistance to proceed on your queries please reach us via chat or call right away. We are here 24*7 at your service and satisfaction working with us. +9779823778339

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Kathmandu, Head Office

Himalayan Adventure Therapy P. Ltd. Bhagabati Marga,Thamel, Kathmandu Google Location

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New South Wales, Regional Office

Himalayan Adventure Therapy, Australia 8/9 station street west, Harris park NSW 2150, Australia Google Location

Saint Petersburg, Regional Office

Himalayan Adventure Therapy, Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia

Kuala Lumpur, Regional Office

Himalayan Adventure Therapy, Malaysia 2, Jalan Kuraman, Kampung Kuantan, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Google Location